5 Ideas for a Green Wedding

Eco friendly green wedding, what does it mean to you?

What is your fiance trying to say when she says that we should have a green wedding?
One interesting twist in popular culture in the last decade is the idea of being environmentally friendly on all fronts.
What are some common marker characteristics of a green wedding?
Once you get engaged there is a ton of things that have to be discussed and decided upon. The first two are date and location, and many times the two are entertained. Many times the best locations are booked way in advance and unless you want to get married in an off month you man need to reconsider your location.

Once you pick out the date you’ll be getting married then you need to send save the date cards and invites.

Seed Paper Wedding Invitations

So there is this specialty plantable paper called seed paper and you can get your save the date cards or wedding invitations or any wedding stationary printed on it using seeded paper. This is a great first impression for your guests that you mean to have a thoughtful and sustainable wedding.
So many times a wedding invitation will evoke the emotion of happiness or jealousy mainly the former. But regardless of who the bride is, if it’s a plantable wedding invitation then it’s cool and you’ll save it and plant it. It’s pretty nature oriented to grow flowers out of something that would otherwise sit on the refrigerator for a few months and then get recycled. Find seed paper wedding invitations at Bloomin.com.

Recycling at the Bar

Open bars at weddings generate huge piles of spent beer cans and wine bottles as well as huge tips and behead. Its totally eco to recycle. Anyone who doesn’t recycle is not being responsible nor sustainable.

Organic Food Menu

Sometimes you can get local with your wedding catering. Sometimes local will include locally sourced meats and vegetables, and sometimes if that is not readily accessible well then it’s always possible to go organic. While super expensive, organic food makes a statement. It says “I care about your well being.” Organic food says “I care about the environment.” It says “for the world price is of no importance.”
While paying an arm and a leg is not too difficult to do remember it’s only the most important day of the year! Learn more about organic here.

Wildflower Confetti

Think about the first thing people always say when everyone gathers and waits for the bride and groom to leave the church to go to the reception. Inevitabley some one will say “they used to throw rice at these things but the birds would eat so much that their stomachs would explode.” Ok nobody is going to argue with that, because your friend is getting married and the guy holding the confetti, bubbles or sparklers or whatever rice alternative there is just wants to sound like he knows whats up. There is another thing called growfetti which is confetti that grows into wildflowers.

Plantable wedding favors

Similar to the wedding invites, plantable wedding favors are something like a coaster or a keepsake that you can take home and plant. The idea of what you say grows into something lifelong is the point being driven home. How nice would it be to look out at your backyard and see a patch of sweet wildflowers growing? Who are you going to think about when you see that patch of wildflowers, your accountant or your friend’s who’s wedding you came to?
That’s right, make your wedding remarkable with the added green touches. These are but 5 simple ideas to get the ball rolling. It’s your wedding so make it count!

DIY Wedding Invitations

Preparing for Your Wedding with Green DIY Wedding Invitations

Many amorous couples planning to get married are blindsided with a sharp dose of reality when they discover how expensive a wedding can be. The cost of a reception, catering, flowers, and a myriad of other necessary expenses can cumulate in the blink of an eye.

The bride and groom typically understand that saving money by sacrificing quality is unacceptable since their wedding is a milestone that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. This is especially true of wedding invitations, because they make a first impression on every single person you invite to your wedding. Fortunately, there are eco friendly green  alternatives that will still impress your guests.

Do It Yourself Wedding Invitation Kits

DIY wedding invitations are an extremely attractive option for couples looking to ‘wow’ their guests while still being sensible with their money.

There is a seemingly infinite number of combinations of color schemes, styles, and printable wedding invitation kits to ensure a custom tailored solution that fits your unique needs. All you need to do is find the single card kit or pocket folder kit that’s right for you. There are also options for additional needs such as:

  • Save the date cards
  • Rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Directions cards
  • Thank you cards
  • RSVP cards
  • Wedding programs

Wedding Invitation Design Options and Samples

Next, you simply need to place an order. However, if you are still uncertain if your selection is right for your wedding, you have the option of ordering a sample to see how you like the finished product. A sample will also provide you with an opportunity to further customize your cards with embellishments or photos. If you prefer, you can use design templates that are absolutely free.
The goal is to create a sample card designed exactly how you want before mass producing them. After all, it is much easier to redesign one sample card than an entire stack of completed wedding invitations should you change your mind about the design. After you order a sample and print your very own green wedding invitations, you can then make a decision to proceed with an order that will save you and your soon-to-be spouse a lot of money.

Assembling Your Wedding Card Kit

After you receive your order, the next step is to print and assemble your card kit. You will need to print your custom cards, attach them to cards or pocket folders with an adhesive, and insert them into envelopes. The process is so simple, you will be left wondering why people choose to pay a third party to do the work for them for a steep fee! Finally, all that is left to do is to mail your invitations to impress your guests.

Advantages of Green  Wedding Invitations

Green wedding invitations help you create breathtaking invitations that other alternatives fail to produce. Sometimes there is a communication gap when trying to tell a third party exactly what you want, and the finished product can leave you very dissatisfied. Printable wedding invitations offer a customizable design at a much more attractive price and the assembly process is ridiculously simple.  Additionally, you will save a ton of money that is better spent on a new future with your fiancé. Don’t waste money on obscenely overpriced invitations. Instead, choose an affordable option that delivers exactly what you want.

See http://thestudioweddings.com/5-ideas-for-a-green-wedding/ for more fun info on green weddings

Weddings Are Super Important

When it comes to weddings and planning your own wedding there are so many things you have to take into account.

People get married every day weddings happen every day people attend weddings every day.

What’s important to realize is there so much work that goes into planning a wedding that some people just give up and hire a wedding planner are not many people have that luxury because it’s so expensive and they want to shoot for the stars.

If you are considering getting married you should be aware that you need to plan on the location and the date but also in coordinating the event starting with save the date cards and wedding invitations whether you do them yourself or not.

More people these days want to choose their own wedding their own style and they wanted to put on a budget because “limited funds” seems to be the Zeitgeist of the century.

When you’re in love you’ll do anything including get married people want to be together and they don’t want to think about the financial side of things to people go into debt to get married with lavish ceremonies and celebrations and receptions.

This is all good and well because for most you only get married once in your life and it’s worth it to make that memory that much more special that’s why people put a year into planning and preparation to make that one day as awesome as it can be.

For those new to the wedding scene, who’ve never been to one or for those who need a refresher, you absolutely must give your family time to plan around your special date.  A wedding invitation is your first priority besides locking down a time and place!

Dedicated to the [simple] do it yourself wedding for the engaged bride to be.